Friday, August 7, 2015

Open Mic at Second Cup

  James has been hosting an open mic at Second Cup on 50th Street, Leduc. It has now been confirmed that he will be there on a bi-weekly basis starting Sept 11th 2015. The open mics will be held on Friday evenings from 7:00-9:00pm. There will also be open mics held on August 7th, and August 21st 2015 at the same time, before switching to a strictly bi-weekly schedule.

  The Open Mic is designed to give local musicians a low pressure venue where they can gain some performance experience, or meet and jam with other musicians. So all our welcome to come out to play a short set of 2-3 songs, or to jam with other willing musicians. We like to keep things fairly low key, family friendly, and respectful, so keep that in mind when making your song selections. I will have a keyboard present for piano players, and I have mics and cables for instruments set up. All you need to do is bring your acoustic electric instrument, or bass guitar, and plug into the board. Please call ahead if you are planning on using an electric guitar, or non acoustic electric instrument to be sure we can make it work. An open mic isn't very exciting without a good audience either, so if you are not a musician, or a not comfortable performing, your attendance is still very much appreciated. So if you or anyone you know may be interested in playing, or just listening to some great live music, be sure to come out and spread the word.
   Please Contact James at 780-278-3679 for bookings, or with any questions about the event.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

James New Album "Inside My Mind"

James new album titled "Inside My Mind" is now available for purchase at The Turner Guitar Studio.
The album was written and performed by James Turner, with the exception of the percussion and female vocals which were done by Paul Smith and Diana Turner respectively. Also the bonus track "Leah" was written by Diana Turner.
The album was recorded and produced by Paul Smith from Smith Music in Morinville. Smith Music is now also an outlet of James Turner's guitar store, "The Turner Guitar Studio", so you can purchase all their products through there as well.
here are a couple of the tracks off the album, more will soon be posted on the pages on the right side of this page.

Empty Heart


Before My Eyes